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Monday, October 1, 2012

Mummy & 360 World!!

seriously??!! my last post was Dec 2011.. nearly a year... 

what going on with my life.. my life is SUPERB now.. alhamdulillah..

im now attached with 360Studio Worldwide at Tmn Tun (sapa nk stalk silakan).. they are small but with big heart.. (& yes, im updating my blog in office hour) LOL!!

life getting better day by day.. Alhamdulillah.. hvg great boss!! great team.. make new friends 

definitely still baking n such.. plus with my jual2 baju one... im back selling baju k..  check out "baju cantik alya" free fashion consultation ..

on baking... i do sell at bazaar, fr this weekend, i'll be at Rasta TTDI.. come n check us out

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