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Monday, May 18, 2009

More n more bout me

Gosh!! i l0ve this topic.. hehehhe.. as so much belagak self centered person tht been known by whole world.. (mama x ckp gini, peminat yg ckp.. diorg tipu, mama tipu la)

Who is this hotZ Mama? Hotz sgt ker?

theee.. me nt sure how hot i am with belly bumb nowadays.. but tht is my dream, gotta be hot mama in this new century.. im Capri woman..

A housewife at up north here, Jitra.. used to work in KL, Singapore.. great experience workin n pleasure trip all around d world.. as my parent said, im wasting my brain cell by only staying at home with double degree in my file tht collecting dusts at d moment.. yeah.. i went to college, studied, cramping my head up n down once.. was an engineer once n decided to furthered my study in business management at abroad. tht is so old time ago.. ala.. masa mama muda2 dulu..

while being at home wifey, im having my own online business.. lingeries business by Seduce-a-Seducer webpage.. business world been up n down lately.. but still ok frm do nuthg at home..

beside hvg new hobby as cooking n baking (love it now), im addicted to World Wide Web stuffs.. hehehe.. i spents 24/7 in front of my notebook screen..

find mama as Oweizmez d most sexiest Ehozarian @ Ehoza.. owh ya.. after few years stuck there.. (couldnt find way out yet) mama is a moderator at Ehoza.. taking care of English Section (mcm mama bagus ler sgt kn?)

u guys may ctc me by twitter or facebook anytime.. n also my YM by

Be Smarter happier to play till u drop!!

p/s~ Alhamdulillah, on 7 August 2009 mummy selamat gave birth to luvly princess, Rose Qaireena bt Rizal

1 comment:

RJP'ian said...

this mama is so hot!!!...
bare kenot touch her with naked hand..
hahaha... going to write my own "about me"
aku akan tipu sebanyak 75%..