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Friday, December 9, 2011

career vs hobby

whoaaahh.. i just received an emailed on my yahoo account, notification comment frm SoShyLady saying "lamanya mama mnghilang..... "

TQ darling, its kinda a wakeup call.. lama seeeyyy x update blog. dh hilang rentak dh pun.. tup tup tup.. still searching fr d beat.. hahaha...'

how bout, wht happen today whole day.. as we know, mummy dh keja dgn this legal firm kt Bangsar, n after awhile of jumping up n down struggling with office job, mummy rendu sgt nk baking balik..

so last month, mummy pun create a page kt fb 'LurveSweet Bakery' n Alhamdulillah.. day by day, i collect more n more fans to view my page. dlm page 'LurveSweet Bakery' nie, mummy letak ler, hasil2 air tgn mummy fr past few years..

wht i realize after few months hvg a day jobs n having baking as my hobby.. its really hard to choose frm career or hobby.. i love both, BUT i am really really tired doing both serentak. if ada saper2 blh advice how to boost up energy, pls do so... awake till early in d morning to bake, then after few hrs sleep, waking up, wearing ofice wear.. berkawad gi ofc pulak.. n yes!! lot n lots of ponteng keja (ya ampun boss!!)

mummy planning fr hvg a baking studio in front of my house. tgh bekerja keras fr tht. glad families, friends n love one byk support me in this. diorg nie, sll buat gangster mendayu nie, terdayu2 nangis terharu. (mmg mummy cengek punnn) thank you so much guys!!! luv u all!! n to fake friends.. actually u gimme more n more energy to do this.. i luv u guys fr being fake.. n its build my confident level n determination.

for today, TQ fr 'Lina Fabulous Cotton' by keep on supporting me by her never ending cuppies n muffin order. so arini, bagai mau patah pinggang bertungkus lumus siapkan order cik puan sri lina nie.. x sabar nk g jumpa si comel nie trow afternoon.

n skrg, mummy tgh berjaga while waiting fr my moist choc cake to cool down. its fr my preparation of Russian Black & White cake.. nnt mummy nk kena divide it to 4 layer.. when semua dh siap nnt mummy upload kt blog k. meanwhile, korg terliur la dulu my 1st Russian B&W cake..

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