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Thursday, June 24, 2010

when a daughter being a mother

i wanna start this by.. mama.. i miss u...

my parents r the very 'cengey' parents in da world.. hehehe..

i still remember, i had chicken pox at 5yrs old, 24yrs ago, I HATE MEDICINE.. as we know, udahnya chicken pox, confirmed ubatnya bergunung.. itu baru ubat telannya, ubat mandi, ubat sapu, segala mcm ubat.. n i hate them all.. so mama had to bersungguh2 make sure i eat my medicine.. one day, after she manage force me to take my medicine n suddenly, terkonyong2 me termuntah.. yes!! i vomitted everything tht been forced into me.. hehehe.. n mama snapped.. terus laju jer jari dia cubit perut nie.. (sian kan, dh la demam, pastu muntah, kena cubit lagik).. terkencing2 me cried..

for 24yrs, i kept tht story as my mum very cengey.. takut.. uwawawa.. but until last 2weeks, then i understand y mama acted like tht.. qaireena had fever, flu and bad cough.. n she HATE MEDICINE as i do.. kaw kaw anak mummy nie.. i hv to forced her to eat her medicine.. when papa nya ada, ok la ada org nk tlg pegangkan.. but when he at d office, in d middle of nite, i hv to struggle to make sure she eat her medicine, bukan sebotol.. 4botol kay, 3ml each.. so 8 kali mummy kena inject ubat tu masuk kerengkong.. and sometime she vomitted back all her medicine, she even dont want to eat anythg, except her apple juice.. i admit, i snapped too.. not once, and i already lost count.. n sometime i cried.. yes.. i cry bcz my daughter cry, x nak mkn ubat.. giler heart break.. "mummy risau, kalo x mkn ubat mcm mana nk baik demam".. well i thk, tht wht my mum feel jugak time i sakit dulu.. sob sob.. sorry mama..

im so in size 0 last time, even my 7years younger sister pun nk sama besar dah.. well, she bigger than me now.. hahahahaha

when i was a kid, i'm very thin.. its like size 0 thin kay, as one of arwah uncle said, "besar jari kelingking nie ja".. my parents bought any supplement, or whatever petua to make sure i eat. they used to buy me a robot shape vitamin, animal vitamin, i love those vitamin.. but i still only eat if ada telur mata kerbau, telur abih, then i stop eating.. n my parents used to tell me, "xmkn nasik sampai habih, nnt mlm when everybody sleeping, nasik dtg nangis" n its scary kay. they used to kurung me in da kitchen until i finished my meal.. but still x jalan.. siap tertidur lagik kt meja mkn.. this happen for yearsssss... until one day, mama bought royal jelly thg, n its very expensive, alhamdulillah then i eat till today i cannot stop eating.. siap nk kena berdiet bagai..

as org kata, wht ever happened to our parents, nnt jatuh balik to us kan.. its happen to me now.. gosh.. qaireena have eating problem.. my last visit to klinik kesihatan, d nurse told me, her weight betul2 atas pagar between OK n x cukup nutrien kid. deep inside, i felt really really guilty.. "is it me?? aku bagi anak aku mkn x cukup ker? my breastmilk x cukup ker?" alot of thg in my mind. back from clinic, terus google bout kids balance nutrition, asked everybody n anybody at facebook. alhamdulillah technology help me, i hv friends all over d world to discuss bout it. a close friend of mine suggested appetton lysine, alhamdulillah, its works, my princess nk mkn nasik sahaja.. x kisah la nasik apa pun, white rice, chicken rice, tomato rice.. menggoda nafsu mkn mummy la pulaaaaaaaakkk.. hahahaha...

but i still worried.. well betul la org ckp.. pompuan after kawen, ada anak, nampak tua cz keep on worry, worry and worry again.. huhuhuhu...


kimmy said...

baru teringat,aku dulu susah nk mkn or tak eyh?Sbb SH payah benor always komplen lapar..lapar..lapar//siap dia sound "kat rumah ni dah tak ade makanan lagi ke?"


OweizMeZ said...

huakkakaka... dia nk mknan dia suka jer la.. same goes to qaireena skrg.. punya la mahai2 aku beli baby food, timun gk yg dia nk mkn