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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

mummy's habit.. book - Shopaholic Series

hrmm.. mummy updating blog at 3.20am.. not tht im watching world cup.. but i just done with new book tht i just bought this morning. x terasa mngantuk lagik..

its kinda bad habit of mine, i thk so.. i lay my eyes on d 1st word in tht novel at 7pm n never yet leave it till just now.. hehehe.. well i do take break too, bg mandi royal highness (well i do read while waiting fr her berendam dlm pool besen tu), eat n beramas mesra dgn mr husband.

tadaaaa... this da book im talkin bout.. Shopaholic & baby, d last novel from Shopaholic series n i just complete mine.. yup.. im bit behind schedule.. d shopaholic fever dh abih pun.. hehehe.. being very busy or buat2 busy lately, but i know myself, beli ja new novel, terus neglect other.. FYI, facebook pun i x tgk, just replied some msg via mobile jer..

let me cerita sket bout whole collection, i mean intisari novel ni start from her confession, when she hit manhattan, her wedding, her half sister n at last her pregnancy n gave birth to beautiful baby gurl.

well for mummy, i feel d connection between becky (d shopaholic) n mummy sendiri. im a shopaholic myself, but thank to God, malaysia system not really like in europe, 1 credit card bein blacklisted, then u r been blacklisted for any financial freedom.. as wise man said, a bank only approved loan to who can prove tht they did not need any.. hehehe.. well, yes i do clear my card already.. its flowwwwwwing over after i came back for my a month jurney to europe.. hahaha.. padan muka, earn Ringgit Malaysia, but spending in Euro.. lalalala.. biasa la, org muda, x matang lg..

then, i glad i landed a good secured job back then, tht i really into in, bukan nk kata engineering sucks, i do like d calculation, but i hate panas mentari membakar, habuk2 itu.. n i really enjoyed working in logistic business background, wear smart elegant outfit, running in heels (yup.. i can run in my 4" heels), i had blast single n ready to mingle years.. i do miss it sometimes. i miss u nanum, ita, kimmy, siti, maz, ikin.. well i dont really hv much friends back then ek? hahahaha.. TQ so much cz layan pala hotak ini n until now, we are at each other side, cuma aku tau, aku terperuk kt ipoh nie.. saper x rindu zaman muda2 dolu? ask any grannies.. sure diorg blh cerita how they miss their good ol' days.

i found my man, decided to settle down. taufan KL when i decided. well marriage do make me more matured. mummy nie dulu kinda panas baran, but i do change alot. thanks to my hubby fr everything. nk kata kami nie so lovey dovey perfect couple, xder nyer.. marriage life ada up n down. fr mummy, i do sulk alot.. hahahaha.. menggedik..

then, bout my relationship with my family, im sorry mama, ayah, other sibling, i do bit selfish back then, all is about me, but i know u know i love all of u. u r everything to me. u guys know tht u can hv my kidney, pcs of my liver, sucks my blood anytime u want.. advice able, my lungs x yah la.. bet ya, lungs hampa semua lg elok then mine kut.. amik lungs amira instead.. hahahaha..

n here come my royal highness, rose qaireena bt rizal. mummy love u so much, if mummy own world, i will get u whole cakerawala.. (my sister said i spoilt my daughter - tp who else i want to spoilt-kan lagi kaaann?)

so, this is how i feel connected to becky brandon wee bloomwood.. i really gonna miss her.

p/s: brasil ahead by 3 to nil to chili.. hehehe (4.01am)


iZzy aNne said...

hai there. nice blog u have here :) im just visiting your blog. would u like to sell all your shopaholic series? i rly2 wanna read shopaholics! :) email me at

OweizMeZ said...

dear.. sorry.. mummy is a novel collector, i didnt plan at all to sell this collection