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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hot Mama back in action!!

WOOOOWWW... mama already neglect this blog fr more than TWO months.. well, mama is a mama already.. i already gave birth to luvly princess, Rose Qaireena bt Rizal on 7 August 2009, 8.30am, 2.15kg.. Alhamdulillah d process nt as hard as im imagine..

she is now dh 2mth old dh..

mama had contraction whole 6 August day, but mama tght its only Braxton Hicks contraction
(false labour or practice contractions are sporadic uterine contractions that usually start around 6 weeks however are not usually felt until the second trimester or third trimester of pregnancy) n mama sempat berforum till 1am.. yeah.. i cannot sleep.. then went to bed near to 2am, golek sana sini 1st, baru2 jer mama nk lelap, mama feel tht ada water coming out, so mama dgn tgh2 mamun, terkejut sket.. uiks... mama tencing atas katil ker? so mama bgnkan hubby, mintak dia buka lampu..

lampu dh buka, sikit jer air tu.. maybe mama terkencing kut, so mama bgn, g toilet.. kdian we both back to bed like nuthg happen.. n x sampai another 10minutes, damn!! ada air LAGI n more this time.. so i thk its time.. bgnkan hubby.. maybe dia pun dh perasan my panic face.. owh ya, mama lupa nk ckp, time 1st mama bgnkan dia, dia dh terjun pakai baju semua dh.. so this time.. he only terjun angkut my beg n all documentation, lapik seat keta.. then mama pun turun.. dgn agak berhati2.. cz risau air turun lg..

spjg dlm keta tu, still rasa air turun lg.. so i tght "ini dh lebih2 nie, nk abis dh".. in d car, sempat gk airmata menitis mintak ampun maaf kt hubby.. then call my mum kt kampung, mintak ampun maaf segala" kdian sempat laks buat lawak dgn hubby.. "terre la princess choose her date, it on 7.8.09) penat mama target date segala..

smpai spital, diorg tolak masuk ER 1st, then d doctor check here n there, bout an hour gk kt dlm tu, baru diorg tolak g ward, baru jer turun dari wheelchair nk naik katil.. terus bak air terjun, air ketuban turun lg.. sempat banjirkan ward.. n its non stop.. OMG!! mama dh rimas amat nie.. kdian contraction is more n more kerap.. pnggil jer nurse, nurse check.. dh open 5cm.. so terus g labour room.. at tht time its around 6.30am

masuk labour room.. tgu doktor segala.. tukar baju, dgn nurse berleter.. bla bla bla.. dh kol 8am, contraction is bout 3mins gap.. nurse still berleter, "dont push.. nnt terkoyak" but walaweeiii.. its hurt ok.. jentik pala nurse nnt baru tau.. heard frm their conversation tht doctor pakar dh sampai, round check.. so at 8.30am, its my turn.. in my room ada about 8org doktor.. doktor pakar, doktor bertugas, doktor intern, doktor yg x jd doktor lg.. then d pakar keep on berleter bout chart if i nt mistake exactly at my perut.. maybe my princess x larat dgr berleter tu.. n so suddenly i felt tht smthg coming out down there.. terus la mama jerit panggil doktor.. terus kena serbu..

everythg happened so fast, i dont remember how hurt it was.. but i remember voices asked me to push more... n to push last... then.. everythg so quite.. n i heard my princess 1st cry.. but tht time, im so tired n blur fr wht just happened. since she is a prem baby (35weeks, 4days), they only showed me she is a girl, i kissed her forehead, then they took her to NICU.. n mama pun terus tertidur till around 11am, mama terjaga diorg tgh siapkan mama nk masuk ward..

masuk jer ward, diorg kasik mkn lunch.. baru mama perasan.. im so hungry.. i ate all.. everythg tht they served.. say who gov hospital food x sedap.. sedap aar.. lg sedap dari private hospital kt kulim dulu..
her 1st pict (minus all U/S prints)

at 6pm, my hubby come to visit n its 1st time me tgk anak mama betul2.. she is so tiny.. fragile.. takut tul nk pegang.. but nurse suruh gk pegang.. excited gk.. hehehe


Anonymous said...

waaa tomeiiinyer

Syamilia said...

bercerau darah mimi baca...mcm takut ada tp last2 best kan...
ya allah syoknyer owei dapat baby
mcm nk nangeh jer tau...huuuuu

apapun jga baby baik2 na...kalo dia nakal cubit pelan2 tau...hoho...

ArsheedA said...

hey hot gucci momma...welcome back..she's damn cute! nak pinjam bole?

OweizMeZ said...

hrmmm.. saper yg comel? mummy ker princess?

mimi~ nnt ur turn laks..
sheeda~ pheww.. babysitter job still vacant, nk apply?

Anonymous said...

I'm touched by your story! huhuhu.

ArsheedA said...

ala....x mo la jd babysitter. i nak jd godmother dia...hehe

daenix said...

haaa semoga anak ko ni tak gangster mcm ko ok? gangster mcm aku takpe :D